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Alliance of Information & Referral Sys – (AIRS)

AIRS is a professional membership organization of over 1000 individuals and agencies involved with the delivery of information resources. The goal of AIRS is to serve and unite the field and to advance the profession of information and referral as a vital means of bringing people and services together.

AIRS Networker

The AIRS Networker is a Web 2.0 application that allows AIRS members to work together in all manner of online communities and collaborations. It is a professional networking application and you are free to harness its power in any way that helps yourself and your organization. At its core is a web-based mailing list (called the AIRS Networker Open Forum) that operates in basically the same way as the old AIRS I&R Networker. But although it has similar core functionality, overall the new Networker has a multiplicity of advantages over the previous system, including the ability to create and expand searchable resource libraries, public and private discussion groups, blogs, searchable directories and private online communities.

To participate, you will need to create an account. The following link will guide you through the process:

AIRS Networker FAQ

AIRS Online Training
AIRS has a number of online training courses available that are relevant to both newer and also more experienced I&R professionals. These courses are also helpful in accumulating the training hours needed for AIRS Recertification.
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You can also view the AIRS courses separately at:
AIRS members can also access a huge library of training courses concerning a variety of human service sectors and issues at: